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Welcome to EPA’s Environmental Science Connector

The Environmental Science Connector is a password-protected research and collaboration center that provides the capability to customize, coordinate, and monitor the progress of science projects from your desktop. It is an ideal place for EPA scientists to centrally manage projects; search for and download datasets, models, publications, and other documents; track the history of their work; and share information with other researchers within EPA and with external stakeholders who are collaborating with the Agency.

Key Project Management and Collaboration Features

  • A project resources space where you can download project-related documents, data sets, and other resources, organize them in using a folder/subfolder system, and share them with your project members.
  • A project message board where members can post discussion topics and communicate with each other.
  • A list of all project members along with email links for each member.
  • Ability to chat with other members using Oracle Messenger.
  • A project calendar where project members can post upcoming conference calls, meetings, and other events.
  • Web conferencing that allows project members to have real-time meetings in virtual space hosted on the Internet. Project members can view the same information on their computer screens and communicate via telephone conferencing, voice streaming, or Oracle instant messaging.
  • Ability to access resources from EPA's Web site, including EPA's desktop library.

Additional Information

More detailed information about the Environmental Science Connector is available at About the Environmental Science Connector, the user Tutorial, FAQ, and user Help.


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Non-EPA Users (e.g. business partners, state employees, university researchers, and anyone who does not have an EPA LAN id and password):
Go to http://portal.epa.gov and click on 'self register' to create an EPA Web Application Access account. To register you must have an EPA Employee sponsor your access. Please list that person's name on the registration form. For more information on how to request access go to:

How to Log In to the Environmental Science Connector

If you have any problems logging into the Environmental Science Connector, contact the EPA Customer Call Center at 1-866-411-4EPA or epacallcenter@epa.gov.