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About the Emerging Leaders Network (ELN)?

EPA’s Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) is a non-labor employee group, established and managed by young EPA professionals for all EPA employees. Currently, membership exceeds 400 employees from across EPA’s Offices. ELN provides opportunities to explore a wide range of environmental issues critical to the Agency’s mission, exchange knowledge and ideas, build collaborations, and bridge levels of expertise within EPA. ELN hosts roundtable discussions, informational seminars, workshops, and social events.


ELN Vision

To provide networking and professional development opportunities for EPA’s future leaders.


ELN Mission

ELN is an informal, yet structured, community for the emerging generation of EPA leadership. ELN convenes meetings, workshops and social events to provide the means for EPA professionals to share ideas, network, and develop innovative ways to address important environmental and human health issues, in a collegial and collaborative atmosphere.


ELN is geared to help meet the human capital goals laid out in the EPA Strategic Plan by helping to develop a workforce that is capable in both knowledge and skills and strong in leadership. ELN aims to explore and gain from the experiences of more senior colleagues who have successfully implemented strategies/programs that are leading to tangible environmental results.


Ultimately, the ELN strives to help tomorrow’s leaders build ideas, understanding, and relationships that will enable them to achieve the Agency’s mission to protect human health and the environment.


Join ELN

Any EPA employee or intern can be an ELN member. Go to the “Request Access to Community” page to join!

If you have any questions, please send an email to eeln@epa.gov.